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    Platinum Communities’ Larson House is a special place because your home is special

    Larson House is located in a quiet residential neighborhood approximately 30 minutes northeast of Madison. Our beautiful and spacious courtyard overlooks a newly developed golf course on the adjacent property. There is always plenty of parking and available space for friends and family to visit.


    Our experienced staff provides an extensive range of personal care services 24 hours a day.



    Because Your Home Is Special

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  • FAQs

    Know us better

    What is Platinum Care?

    Simply put, Platinum Care is our commitment to provide home-like residences that promote independence, dignity and well-being.

    What if I have special dietary needs?

    All of our residents enjoy nutritious, homecooked meals based on a well-rounded diet and served family style in our dining rooms. We accommodate all special dietary needs including diabetic, low-cholesterol and vegetarian diets.

    I want to be as close to my family as possible.

    So do we, that’s why we have residences throughout Milwaukee and statewide. We will find the residence that is most convenient for you and your family.

    Can my family visit whenever they want?

    We encourage family and friends to come as often as they like to visit on site or take you out. You can even use our common areas to celebrate important occasions.

    What happens if I need more assistance?

    Platinum Communities provide supportive care for people unable to live alone but who do not need a skilled nursing facility. Should your situation change, we are happy to assist you in finding the next level of care.


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